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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

God's Providence: Birthday Edition

For my 29th birthday dinner, I decided to make it intimate and celebrate with my immediate family. I planned to have a simple dinner, just an assorted range of pizzas.

I was a little bit anxious because I knew I had little money to spare on my birthday. I only bought something fit for 7 people though I feel like there will be more people visiting me that night. Aside from that, I also did not have a 'Pizza card' which entitles the bearer to a 'Buy 1 Take 1' pizza promo. 

The pizza delivery guy came and handed me 3 family size pizzas. While carrying it to the table, I was staring at it thinking "This is not gonna satisfy 7 hungry people..." It made me a little bit down that I can't afford more but I kept silent about it and focused on the joy of eating with my family.

After a few minutes of enjoying pizza, my mom bit on something hard in her slice. We were shocked to find that it was a screw!!! I immediately reported the incident to the restaurant to prevent accidents in their kitchen. For all I know, there might be a broken oven which may cause a fire in their kitchen. I hung up the call after I filed the report.

A few seconds later, their representative called me up and told me that they would be replacing all the pizzas we ordered with new batches of freshly-baked pizza. We almost emptied all the boxes out but they will be replacing everything!!! Praise God!

Aside from this, my mom made me fruit salad while my husband bought me chocolate cake for dessert!  

Talk about providence! 

Cake surprise!

My cake box. <3

A few minutes later, more of my family members came to celebrate with me and I'm glad we had more to feast on than what I expected. We were satisfied to the brim. We even had a lot of leftovers! All thanks to the Lord's providence.

After this experience, I reflected on how God truly provides for me. When there are times when I feel like there is no hope, He suddenly does a little something to allow me to feel His presence. 

May we always remember God's providence and allow ourselves to surrender and be cared for by the King.

For that may God be praised!

Note: I did not sue the Pizza company as my peers suggested. No one in my family got sick or injured in the event and I just felt like imparting God's mercy and compassion on my birthday. <3

Lots of Love,

The Catholic Chic  

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