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Monday, July 28, 2014

365 Days of Love Notes for God (Week 1)

I came across a blog challenge from Story of a Rose to create Love Notes every Sunday. The Love Notes challenge is somewhat similar to the 100 Happy days challenge many are doing in social media, except this one is somehow addressed to God. 

My Sundays are often slow so I decided to accept the challenge. In my Love Notes posts, I plan to reflect on the presence of God in my work week and enumerate the most striking blessing to me per day. Cheers!

Day 1:

Dear God,

Thank you for giving me this day to work from home and to have a pseudo-household with some young YFC/SFC friends from Singapore.

Day 2:

Dear God,

Thank you for giving us this day to be inspired by Fr. Benedict Lagarde at the Holy Eucharist. Thank you for all the uplifting messages he said for us missionaries in his homily.

Message for missionaries, from the homily of Fr. Benedict:

"You will see the best in the Church in moments of persecution."

"Like the saints, we have to be faithful and consistent."

"The moment we become comfortable, we become complacent at best."

"God calls the gifted."

"Great miracles will happen in your life. One day, you will cry tears of joy as you look back. God has a promise for us. Don't you ever doubt your vocation. The only reason you're here is because God loves you and you want to give it out to the world. He will take care of your families." 

Day 3:

Dear God,

Thank you for giving me my salary and for teaching me to live within my means. 

Day 4:

Dear God,

Thank you for allowing us to have a fellowship night with my workmates. We watched a free movie from the Italian film fest! Thank you Lord for giving me good friends.

Day 5:

Dear God,

Thank you for sending us Fr. Augustine to teach us how to become better missionaries for you.

Message for missionaries, from the homily of Fr. Augustine:

"Do mission and speak if necessary."

"What I cannot practice, I should not preach. What you speak in private, you should be able to speak in public."

"A good missionary has a rosary in his pocket and prays the rosary."

"Go and show who you are, instead of telling what you want to. They will believe not what you tell but what you do. Show them how you experienced Jesus in your life so that they may also see Jesus in you. When they see Jesus in you, then you may talk about him so they will hear. They need to see before they could listen."

After I did this exercise, I realized that I have so much to be thankful for. There are times when I'm focused too much on my problems that I fail to appreciate my life. I realized that I should make a conscious effort to recall all the good things about my journey and how God has blessed me. I also believe we are all blessed and I would absolutely appreciate it if you could share with me your daily blessings.

If you would like to join us in creating Love Notes for God on your blog or any Social Media site, please include the hashtag #365DaysOfLoveNotes. You may also link my blog if you wish.

God bless you!