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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

5 Ways to Live Your Life to the Fullest

My Notes on Fr. Joel Jason's Talk at the Mercy Cafe

We love because He first loved us.
1 John 4:19

Last weekend, the Mercy Cafe hosted its 6th talk entitled La Vita e Bella at the Grills N' Sizzles bar at Examiner street, Quezon City. 

The invited speaker was Rev. Fr. Joel Jason, the Dean of Studies of the San Carlos Graduate School of Theology. 

This workshop was very timely because I am also in search of how I could live my life to the full. This workshop gave a fresh perspective because rather than suggesting the usual traveling, rock climbing, or bungee jumping advices I got from other blogs on how to live my life to the full, it targeted my inner self, my heart, and my soul. Here are my notes on the discussion. Fr. Joel started with the 5 Signs You are NOT Living Life to the Full (or you are Dying Spiritually), each followed by specific steps on how to live life to the fullest. Happy reading friends!

Participants with Rev. Fr. Joel Jason
5 Signs You are NOT Living Life to the Full

Sign 1. When Church Services bore you.
When we become bored during our prayer time, worship, doing service in the parish, and most especially when celebrating the Eucharist, chances are we are not focusing on Christ but ourselves. God becomes a rival or competitor in our "Me" attitude. 

When we realize that God is not our competitor, then worship becomes joyful and becomes our life. And when we worship, we become more alive.

There are instances when our ego or the self, fears its disappearance when we surrender ourselves to God. However, Fr. Joel reminded us of the Theodrama of reincarnation, that when the Creator comes to the creature, the creature will be brought to a fuller life. It is a kind of life that the creature cannot achieve on its own power.

How to combat sign 1: Make your work your worship.

Work here pertains to everything you do, from waking up in the morning, brushing your teeth, eating breakfast - everything! It includes your thoughts, desires, words, and actions. 

There should be no separation of what we say from what we do. We have to live our faith. Our whole life will become our worship and we will weld our life to glorifying God even in the simplest, most mundane tasks.  

Make your meal times your worship.

Sign 2. When Noise attracts you more than Silence.

All of us need our silent or alone time. 

According to Fr. Joel, silence is the language of God and of love. We hear His messages to us more clearly when we sit in silence with Him a few minutes a day. 

We speak more calmly with others too if we are at peace with them. If you prefer noise more than silence, then there is a certain possibility that you fear hearing the voice of your own heart and what you truly feel inside.

How to combat this: Give yourself the "Silent Treatment" once a week

Try to not use your cellphone or refrain from going online in your social media accounts. Once you are comfortable hearing the sound of silence, then you are ready to live life fully.

Q & A with the speaker.

Sign 3. When the words of a celebrity attract you more than the words of Christ.

Do you have social media accounts? Check out who you are following. If you prefer to follow more secular accounts than Christian or Catholic accounts, then maybe you need to refocus where you're getting your inspiration and guidance from. 

Maybe it's time to refocus on Christ.

How to combat this: When you voluntarily immerse yourself in the word of God daily (i.e. Bible and the daily readings).

Remember to feed your soul with God's word daily. Your soul needs that most. If we put God's word in our hearts, then sin will have no place in it and evil will not have a hold on our hearts. 

Remember Christ was tempted in the desert three times and he used scripture three times to combat the evil one (Activity: Read Deutoronomy and search for Christ's responses).

Christ has the words of eternal life and words have the power to describe and CREATE reality. Let Christ create your reality. Be immersed in His words (Activity: Read Psalm 118 and be inspired).

Let Christ create your reality and Live a Most Beautiful Life.

Sign 4. When Ambition attracts you more than Mission.

Ambition points to the glorification of the self while Mission aims for the welfare of others. 

Is your ambition consistent with your mission? Is your ambition aimed for service? Do you work for money or out of love for your neighbor? Once our ambitions conquer our life and we neglect to serve others, maybe it's time to do a little rain check and refocus on what really matters.

How to combat this: Perform your profession in the Spirit of Mission.

No matter what our profession is, let's see it as a way for us to become Christ to others. Perform your best out of love.

CFC Full-time pastoral workers enjoying the talk.
Sign 5.  When the Story of the Cross no longer moves you.

When the story of the sufferings of Christ no longer stir us, then how can we become true sufferers with Christ? 

Remember as Christians, we are to die to ourselves for the sake of our brethren. We put them first before our selfish needs.

How to combat this: Acknowledge your God-given gifts and talents, then give them away.

How can I be a true sufferer with Christ? 

The best way to live with Christ is to share our talents with others. All of us have gifts and talents, whether we believe it or not. Always remember that every gift is meant to be given away. Our lives are temporal and the way we share in the glory of the cross is to also share what we have and who we are for the betterment of the lives of others.


I hope you enjoyed reading my notes. And I sure do hope we see each other on August 9, 2014 for the 7th Mercy Cafe session again at Grills N Sizzles, Examiner Street, Quezon City!

Full-time workers at the Couples for Christ Global Mission Center take a picture with Fr. Joel.
CFC full-time pastoral workers with the host of the event, Mary (rightmost), who is also a CFC full-time worker.

The next Mercy Cafe (session 7) will be on August 9, 2014. If you are interested to join, please check out their Facebook page: Mercy Cafe.

Thank you and May God be with you!

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