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Thursday, July 10, 2014

6 Awesome Catholic Memes from the 2014 FIFA World Cup Finals

These coming days (or dawns), I believe we'll all be glued to the tellie to witness the semi-finals and finals of the FIFA World Cup. 

After Germany won over Brazil last week in an epic match with a final score of 7-1, I believe I became more glued!

Now that the finals is fast approaching, my social media sites have been bombarded with funny Catholic memes featuring the two Catholic popes - Pope Benedict XVI who is German and Pope Francis who is Argentinian. 

What a fantastic coincidence that our two beloved popes came from the two countries competing for gold! I suppose we all know by now that Argentina will be battling Germany in the finale. I am nothing short of excited! 

As early as now, I would like to congratulate these teams for their awesome performance and all the other teams who have done their best in participating in this endeavor. 

I have no idea who to side with at the moment, Germany or Argentina?! Whichever team wins is for the glory of God.

And so, here are my favorite memes:

This surfaced on my wall after Germany beat Brazil 7-1.

If Germany and Argentina meet in the World Cup Final... AND THEY WILL.


That really is cute.

Prayer time.

Good Luck to both teams!

Thank you to the social media pages of Catholic News Agency and Catholic Memes. Also, many thanks to my friends who reposted these on their walls, Anna Cosio of Youth4Life and Sky Ortigas of

God bless to all teams playing for the semi-finals and the finals! May the games continue to bring all nations in peace and love.


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