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Monday, July 7, 2014

Dealing with the Big C: Where is God's plan in Cancer?


Just the word itself sends shivers down my spine. Cancer is considered a threat to many of us, especially now that its prevalence is rising across the globe.

My family was given its own time to  battle with cancer. Last 2009, my mother was diagnosed of Stage II-A malignant breast cancer. When I first heard about it from her own lips, I couldn't bear the thought of it. 

She gave me the results of her test and it showed clearly what we were up against. I stepped out of her room at that time because I knew I wouldn't be able to control myself. 

Then I cried outside where no one would hear me. The only thought that was running through my mind then was Dear God why would you take her away from me that early?

I remember when I first joined a Catholic youth group. There were some couples assigned to us and we called them Couple coordinators. They were to take care of us when we had activities and concerns. 

They were so vibrant and I saw Christ in these men and women. I prayed God would bless my parents the same. I wish they would also be able to join a Catholic community to inspire the youth. 

God knows my parents are good people and I want them to share their goodness to touch the lives of others, especially the youth, who will primarily consist the future generation.

Now, God will take my mom away from me. I prayed to Him to bring her into a Catholic community. In turn, He gave her cancer. 

The months that followed were filled with surgery, chemotherapy, and other forms of alternative healing. It was hard watching her exercise her left arm after her mastectomy. It was hard watching her vomit most of her meals. It was hard watching her go bald. It was hard watching family members shed tears. 

We tried to be strong, but we really weren't all that strong. We held on tighter together and we were there to support my mom every step of the way.

After six sessions of chemotherapy, my mom felt relieved. It was her last session and she quips that she doesn't ever want to do that again. A few weeks after, I learned that my mom enrolled into becoming a lector in our parish. I was amazed because I never saw that coming... and I'm glad.

She even got my dad to join and serve with her during the Eucharist and in other parish activities. They even joined a choir! I was pretty much overwhelmed by everything that happened and I'm glad my mom's previous job gave her ample time to serve in our parish.

One afternoon while I was sitting in the dining room alone, my mom walked in. She sat beside me and said "I'm glad I had cancer." 

And I'm like "What?"

She said, "If I didn't get cancer, I never would have stopped working the way I did. I love my job and I know I would still be working non-stop if I didn't get cancer. I would've never gotten the time to deepen my relationship with God. I never would've served the church and become a lector. I'm glad I had cancer. God gave me that because He wanted me to be closer to Him."

At that point, I wanted to cry but I held it back because at that day, I knew He fulfilled His answer to my prayers.

Fast forward to 2014, I would like to say that my mom is 5-years cancer-free and is serving the Family and Life Ministries in our parish together with my dad. They are still part of the lectors and commentators group and the early morning choir.

After 5 years, here is my mom. :)

Some people say God has no plan in people's sufferings. Based from my family's journey, I'd rather believe otherwise.  

Yours in Christ,

The Catholic Chic

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