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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Seeing God

Being a Christian blogger, specifically a Catholic one, this is my personal mantra which I believe came from God. When at times I am feeling uninspired or burdened, this statement comes to my mind unintentionally and I feel like it is God telling me to "Stand up, Brush it off, Move forward."

There are many instances when I feel like the world is pulling me out of this blog. But God is telling me to fight for it and use the many secular opportunities coming my way to glorify Him - to use various circumstances, opportunities, and even crosses to proclaim His name.

I hope I always see the world through Jesus' lenses. It may be a challenge, but it is also a talent I'm very willing to master. I have to learn to see God in the most mundane things - like my nail polish or my shoes. For how can I proclaim God in the world if I cannot see Him in the things around me?

How about you? Have you mastered the art of seeing God in everything? And when I say everything, I mean every THING.

Love always,

The Catholic Chic

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