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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane: St. Ignatius Cathedral, Camp Aguinaldo

My husband and I visited Camp Aguinaldo last week and while we were there, we grabbed the opportunity to attend the Eucharistic celebration at 12 o'clock in the St. Ignatius Cathedral - a cathedral very dear to my heart. 

I am a military brat by the way so this cathedral was where I grew up in as a little Catholic. This was also where my parents got married, back when it was still a chapel.

The St. Ignatius Cathedral in Camp Aguinaldo
Walking down the aisle.
The dome of the Cathedral.

The patron saint of this Cathedral is St. Ignatius of Loyola, who is the patron saint of soldiers. St. Ignatius, I believe, was also a soldier or a knight who was brought into conversion while recuperating from battle. After his conversion, he left his military life and became part of the clergy. Later, he founded the Society of Jesus also known as the Jesuits.

St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Patron Saint of Soldiers.

Upon entering the Cathedral, many flashbacks came to mind like our children's choir days, doing parish involvement for school, and celebrating mass with my family. We did our best to attend Sunday mass together as a complete bunch. It was very rare that one was absent. If there was anyone absent, it would probably be my dad when he was assigned in far-flung areas as a soldier. One of my vivid memories of going to Mass with my dad, a memory that I share with one of my siblings, is that dad always wanted the aisle seat. 

This is where our family used to sit during mass.
The cathedral has evolved in many ways from starting off as a little chapel. Now it is bigger, the designs are more beautiful, and there is air-conditioning. But what I love most about it are the beautiful stained glass windows which surround the cathedral. My favorite is that of the Sacred Heart of Jesus since it reminds me of His unending mercy and desire to forgive us if we just approach Him.

Stained glass of the Sacred Heart of Jesus image.
Another new inspiration I found in the cathedral is the image of St. Therese of Lisieux. She is one my patron saints because of two things, her value for the little and humble things/ actions and her full offering of herself to God.

I love these two quotes from her:

"Do Small Things with Great Love."


"You cannot be half a saint; you must be a whole saint or no saint at all."

I wish you could come visit this cathedral. The entrance of the camp is at Gate 6 in Boni Serrano street, Quezon city. You may ask the soldiers at the entrance how to get to the cathedral. Also, here is the schedule poster of the Holy Eucharist, Sacraments, and Devotions held at the cathedral:

God bless you! :)

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  1. Beautiful! I love going back to my Catholic history... remembering how God worked in my life through all the years. :)

    1. Thanks for that Melody! Yes it is charming to reminisce... and a very humbling experience too. :) May God bless your day Melody. <3